8 May 2017: Malaysia is famously known as one of the best tourist destination in the world and now a favourite spot for medical tourism. Our healthcare is one of the best in the world with almost every speciality available. All public, university and private hospitals in this country have proven tract record of excellence service and with best clinical outcomes.

Every private specialist in Malaysia would have worked in a public hospital or university based hospital in Malaysia thus the level of expertise is of high standing. We also have  Malaysian doctors with high caliber from overseas who now work in our hospitals throughout the country. When these experienced doctors use modern technology to work, the treatment outcomes are better. It is hoped that more international medical tourist will use Malaysia as a destination for their medical needs as our healthcare cost is very affordable.

Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, Medical Director of Prince Court Medical Centre spoke to a delegation of 20 representatives of various healthcare sectors from Taiwan ranging from tele rehabilitation, hospitals, external trade development council, medical university hospital, research institutes and international medical service centre.



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