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An Evening with the Chinese Press: Medical Section

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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18 April 2017: It was a good dinner meeting with the representatives of the Chinese media press who have been contributing for years in writing medical articles and medical related news. The feature articles on medicine is usually very different from main news write ups or other types of technical litterature. Medical writing has to be informative and accurate with less medical jargon for the man in the street to understand.

Topics can vary from lifestyle related medical condition to terminal ailments. The main essence of medical writing is  to create some level of awareness  which will help to prevent diseases to occur and with enough information for early detection of a condition.

Interaction between the medical writers and doctors is very important so that the message delivered is complete without ambiguity. Every doctor wants to treat their patients well and in todays generation the information gathered is always in abundance and its accuracy is extremely important.

I had the opportunity to meet members of the press from: SinChew Media, Nanyang Press, Guan Ming and Urban Health [non-chinese media magazine]


Also present at the dinner: Mr Chong Yee Mun- CEO , Mr Vincent Wan- Director Commercial and Ms Rosnah Tahir-Manager, Corporate Affairs & Communication- Prince Court Medical Centre




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