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Nurses Form an Integral Part of Health Care Delivery

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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12 May 2017: Doctors treat patients for their medical ailments in huge numbers world wide. But there is another very important person that we must not forget is the nurse. He or she will be the person who will make sure  the treatment is done and assist the doctor in procedures. Besides that, the nurse will have to manage everything from monitoring treatment outcomes and right upto the level of being the main point of communication with the patients and relatives.

A good nurse will complement the medical treatment rendered by the doctor but we must not ignore the fact that the nurse is the only person who spends the most number of contact minutes, hours and sometimes days to weeks in the process of treating the sick. I have been lucky that in my career as a doctor, my working relationship with nurses have been great and at the same time I have learnt a lot from them too.

Today we celebrated nurses day at my hospital. The event reminded all of us how symbiotic our relationship is with the nurses and without them there will be no medical care. We as doctors can not function on our own without nurses and many other allied healthcare experts.

Happy Nurses Day 2017!



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