SCHOMOS: section concerning House Officers Medical Officers and Specialist


SCHOMOS forms an important section in MMA. It deals with all issues related to government doctors and almost everyone in MMA will have attended SCHOMOS AGMS and meetings. This section makes sure that the welfare and the well being of govt doctors are taken cared off. I spent a lot of my junior years as a SCHOMOS exco member and then finally a National Chairman. We had [and still do] many closed doors meetings with the Ministry of Health to solve issues amicably.

There would be many more discussions that are potentially important for the government doctors to engage with MOH and this close door meetings has been very fruitful till now.

The pictures taken here are in 2002 and 2003 [more than 14 years ago!] with the KSU Datuk Alias Ali [centre], Timbalan KSU and Datuk Dr Nasir [now a Tan Sri] extreme left sitting: who was then Setiausaha Sumber Manusia and later became the KSU of the Ministry of Health. Long term relationship always helped. Dr Krishna Kumar was then Chairman SCHOMOS.

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