Private practitioners can help resolve quarantine, close contacts issues: NST 7th February 2021


The statement from Director General of Health on 6th February 2021:

The ministry, Dr Noor Hisham said, was also considering extending powers to private doctors to issue the Home Surveillance Order (HSO) as the government continued to find new ways to fight the pandemic while the country was under a state of emergency.

He said private doctors might also be given the power to issue and remove pink wristbands of individuals or patients undergoing quarantine.

“Currently, when a patient returns to the private clinic where the test was done, doctors there cannot issue the HSO or the quarantine wristband.

“We’re considering extending that authority to other registered medical practitioners, ” he added.



Empowering registered private medical practitioners with the same authority as their peers in the public sector in managing Covid-19 patients will tackle delays in contact tracing and ensure seamless patient management.

“We need to have more details on how it can be done and what is the accessibility that a medical officer in a private clinic or private hospital would have in the event of a breach.

“How much empowerment will private medical practitioners have? What will be the resources if a patient refuses to listen?

“These are just a few details that, if clarified in detail, I believe will see medical practitioners both in public and private hospitals work together to manage Covid-19 patients.”



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