President Elect MMA 2016-2017 Nominee



On 27th May 2016 I will be contesting for President Elect MMA 2016-2017 in Miri Sarawak at the MMA AGM. My second attempt as a nominee with 20 years of experience in MMA but still in my mid forties. The middle age factor will be helpful for me to work with both young/junior doctors and seniors. I have worked in two ministries: Health & Education and now in private practice close to 10 years. My working relationship with GPs is excellent for the past many years.

I am also standing for the Malaysian Medical COUNCIL seat and the balloting is on-going. It would be good to have a MMA leader within the MMC council which will work well to enhance the relationship between the govt stake holders and doctors.

Please make the right decision for the fraternity and our future as doctors depends a lot on the leaders we choose.


  1. Datuk Dr Kuljit,
    You are truly passionate and committed to MMA.
    I hope you will be given the opportunity to lead MMA specifically and Malaysian medical fraternity in general at this top position.
    All the best to you!


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