New features in a Recent ENT Meeting


Doctors like many other scientific experts have conferences, meeting, seminars and workshops to upgrade and update their knowledge on current scientific development. There are so many other ways that can be done these days using the internet with browsing sites and also participating in live podcast.

The best and effective way that most doctors will benefit is attending a live face to face conference sitting with peers and listening to experts. Many feel the live video or audio podcast and interactive electronic media does not give a similar impact.

The moderator controls the discussion and the expert panelist speak on the points that delegates want to hear

Traditional conferences will be with one speaker versus an audience. There will be a small discussion and Questions and Answers at the end which will be limited in time. Most speakers will design lectures which would be classically from  basic knowledge and slowly delivering the main message. It is often done with an element of authority.

Todays practicing medical providers are not interested in basic knowledge or any thing that only that speaker is capable of doing on his own. Delegates at a conference look at problems that need to be solved in managing patients. Its the peer review discussion on stage which has more value than a so call ‘expert’ showing off his or her skill in a fancy presentation or a video recording of some complicated case or topic.

ENT Summit and OPEN FORUM in USA has proven that panel discussion like a TV show is far more effective and valuable. A 45 minute session with expert panels on the main stage having questions thrown by the moderator and audience has a greater learning experience. We can always look up for lectures on the web these days but a face to face live discussion is best done at real time.

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I hope the conferences in this region of the world will adopt such type of presentation than the old boring experts trying to champion the meeting. Looking forward for a paradigm shift to occur in our local conferences!







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