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MMA AGM in Miri: for the first time in history

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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Malaysian Medical Association will be conducting its AGM in MMA for the first time in history. It will be a good opportunity for members to go to Miri and meet friends from all over the country.

This venue is also good for all Sarawak MMA members to attend.

Please come on the 27th May 2016: FRIDAY and also VOTE me in as President Elect MMA 2016-2017.

Kamek Datuk Kuljit rasa berbangga mun kitak orang berik sokongan dengan kamek. Undilah kamek sebagai presiden. Niat kamek satu jak, kamek maok nolong semua kitak orang sebaik mungkin. Terima Kasih.

Do look at this web page for details about me.

My recent trip to Miri and ENT Update:



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