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Meeting Minister in Prime Minister’s Department: Economics of Private Healthcare

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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20th October 2020: Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia APHM had a special session with YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed, Minister in the Prime Minister’s office [ economy].

Our discussion was on how to sustain private healthcare  during this pandemic and also looking at different modules to assist the government patients in creating public private partnerships. We are looking at sharing resources to benefit all parties particularly patients seeking treatment in public hospitals. The budget 2021 should have allocation for this partnership.

Other topics we explored were on tax benefits for medical tourist hospitals which have suffered with significant loss of income this year.

We hope YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa bin Mohamed will present some of our suggestions to the economic forums with the other ministries. Private healthcare industry has contributed largely to the nation’s revenue particularly in medical tourism before Co-Vid 19 pandemic.



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