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Meeting Leaders in Healthcare

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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20th July 2017: Providing an effective healthcare to any nation in the world is a challenge. Newer diseases are emerging and previously known out breaks are re- surfacing. The financial constrains further restricts healthcare delivery world wide. We are lucky that in Malaysia the public healthcare service is robust and affordable treatment can be obtained at any given time though sometimes there is a waiting time. But its important that public healthcare system is not abused particularly using emergency services at govt hospitals to treat non-emergency conditions. There are enough of primary care clinics both in public and private that caters to such non-emergency conditions through out the country including remote areas.

I was fortunate to be in the same waiting room with Minister of Health: Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam, Previous Minister of Health: Tan Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek, Two Former Director General of Health: Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Ismail Merican and Dato Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman.

[Picture taken at Liver Update 2018]

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