Medical Education in Malaysia: MMA championed the issues years ago


We now hear the difficulties that students, young doctors, universities and our public hospital face with the increased number of house officers without good planning.
Many students had gone overseas to get a medical education which was complicated and many of them resorted to newer private colleges locally.

MMA was worried years ago and we could see this coming one day as a huge problem and now it is happening.

More than 12 years ago, MMA conducted the First Medical Education Symposium which had addressed all the potential problems and I was the organising secretary with Datuk Dr Athimulam/Datuk Dr Arumungam as Advisors. Prof Dr Hematram Yadav then in UM was the Chairman. We could see the issues and all stake holders in healthcare and education were invited.

Today we read a sad letter written by a student who feels almost hopeless after the entire process of study.

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