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Managing Co-vid 19 Movement Control Order

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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We are now beyond 2 months of Movement Control Order [MCO] and the containment of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic seems to be under good control. There are clusters mainly with foreign workers and local citizen transmission is low.

Now its important to bring the economy back with careful steps. Its tough to bring back the pre Co-Vid 19 environment but we have to work harder with precise procedures. A small slip will cause another wave and that will pull us back to square one.

The next 6-7 months will be our real test and lets work it out together. International travel will be key for investment and expansion and this will be the next step once local economy stabilises.

On the healthcare front, it should be back on tract and being fit and healthy is key for our citizens to start work. We may not be over exhausted [rested enough!] but there is a great psychological impact on the individual due to this uncertain times.

Great appreciation to all front liners who kept is safe in the last few months!

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