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Malaysian Medical Association AGM in Penang

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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19 May 2017: As I write this article the Annual Banquet of MMA AGM would have just concluded in Penang but unfortunately I had to be back in KL. After attending 19 MMA AGMs since 1998 without missing single one till today, it was amazing to see how the association has evolved and the crowd has slowly changed. Impressive younger crowd and total MMA membership has now increased slightly.

New council and exco will lead MMA from today and it is hoped that we see more changes to the medical profession. Sadly we have huge numbers of doctors out there who are totally naive about the struggles of MMA for the last 5 decades but they seem to ride along the laurels of MMA. But I feel that is something which we in MMA should be proud of, as non member do benefit without paying a single cent. However, we should strive to get more members in so that the voice of the profession can be heard louder.

My best wishes to Dr Ravi Naidu: the new President and Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim who is the President Elect of MMA to continue the great work done by MMA and to do even better.


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