Malaysia Medical Expert Training 2016


17th September 2016: Doctors are trained in diagnosing and treating patients at medical schools. In the early days medical schools never had a subject on being a medical expert unlike now it is being taught to some extent in modern medical schools.

It may sound as a misnomer to the public when the word ‘medical expert’ is used as every doctor should be an expert.

In court of law, a medical expert is usually a doctor who has some experience and knowledge in a particular speciality and will guide the court in providing information which will help the judge in his or her decision. Medical experts are NOT meant to be bias and they are to give guidance and facts to the court in order for justice to be served to both doctor and patient involved.

This seminar had an assortment of experienced lawyers and doctors who took the podium to ‘teach’ and share experiences on being a medical expert.

I am trying to express a point to the delegates during my welcome address

I presented the welcome address as the Medical Director of Prince Court Medical Centre [the venue of the seminar]. There were 80 participants with the presence of Dr John Chew- President of Malaysian Medical Association and Dr Ming Keng Teoh from Medical Protection Society.

Dr Ming Keng Teoh: MPS

Dr John Chew: MMA President


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