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Looking at the Educational Value of Clinical Guidelines

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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28 October 2017: A group of ENT Specialist had a round table discussion if Clinical Practice Guidelines are actually followed and even read by practicing physician. A lot of effort and studies are done before a guideline is published but very often it remains on shelves or takes up some about of bytes in the web page and rarely browsed.

We took up the initiative to re look on how specific and important information from guidelines and consensus can be highlighted to the primary care physicians and specialist.  There are better tools than just guideline booklets [which will consist of thousand words and flow charts]. In todays world there is very little time spent to go through fine details We must look out for salient features and bring them out clearly to the users.

In the months to come we will independently create better avenues to educate doctors on the treatment of allergic rhinitis and hopefully we start a new paradigm.



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