Lets Nominate Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim from Selangor for 2018


I have decided that I shall wait another year till 2019 to be nominated as President Elect MMA 2019!

Nomination for President Elect is in the hands of a proposer and seconder and wining an election is the prerogative of the delegates who vote.
We can only plan and suggest BUT ultimately it all depends on how many potential members who may be nominated.

The bottom line is we need to have a strong and capable leadership to steer the association to fulfil our needs and welfare.
Integrity and good personal records is key when one stands for any election.

So lets nominate Dr Mohamed Namazie from Selangor for 2018 and I will be happy to be nominated on the following year 2019.
Working well with the stake holders and members will be the real test to pick the best leader for the future.

Book edited by Dato Dr Pahlawan Dr Mohanadass and Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh in 2015. Book available at MMA House.

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  1. Thank you very much Datuk Kuljit. Your kind gesture and support are very much appreciated. I hope to work together with you in the interest of our fraternity and MMA in the coming years as we had done before.

  2. Absolutely. …Dr Namazie has an impeccable record of service for the MMA and the profession. He will be a candidate of choice. . .Dato Mohan


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