Honour to be a co-speaker with the President of MMA: Dr Ashok Philip


It will be a great honour to share the same stage with a good friend and the current President of the Malaysian Medical Association at a APHM meeting immediately after next week’s MMA AGM. Our topic will be on healthy outcomes for our patients. Dr Ashok and I were contenders for the current President term and he did well as a President.

I hope I will have a similar opportunity to serve the membership and further continue his struggles after the term of Dr John Chew which commences next week.

My best wishes to Dr Ashok!


APHM International Healthcare Conference 2016
Day 2, 2nd June 2016

Theme: Safe and Efficient Hospitals – Healthy outcomes for both patients and shareholders?

14 : 45 Medical Director Forum: Leave Us Alone to Practice and Don’t Keep Telling Us about Costs and Efficiency – Differing Viewpoints

Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, Medical Director, Prince Court Medical Centre
Dr Ashok Zachariah Philip, Immediate Past President [in June 2016], Malaysian Medical Association


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