Featuring in a different way: Tasting Food!


11 September 2016: For the first time I was featured in STAR LIFE-INSPIRED magazine which is a forth nightly publication and comes as a free insert in SUNDAY STAR. The interview was about the food that I had tasted and it was something different from my usual meals. Interesting writer from the magazine who himself is an extremely knowledgable person and I learnt a lot from him.

With the writer Mr Ong Chin Huat

Nice write up on food and my experiences and views of healthcare. It was accurately intercepted between the lines. Very well written and I am sure the message was pretty clear and well balanced on healthcare.

Its important that we should discover newer avenues to dine and de-stress ourselves. Everyone would be busy in their own way but enjoying a good meal and pampering oneself is never harmful if done moderately.

Thanks you STAR LIFE-INSPIRED team for the great job.

Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh


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