Digitalisation in Healthcare…where are we now?


Private hospitals aren’t really expensive: Hospital Insights Asia

Published in the following link: Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh, President of the Association of Private Hospitals in Malaysia, highlights that the cost of care between...

Private hospitals open to sharing resources with govt: FMT Reports 29 July 2020 Jason Thomas - July 29, 2020 7:30 AM PETALING JAYA: The Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM) has suggested that the finance ministry allocate funds to be...

Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia Annual General Meeting 2020

23 July 2020: The Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia APHM concluded its Annual General Meeting and its Election for the 2020-2021 Board Members: President: Datuk...

Dialogue Session with Minister of Finance

22 July 2020, Melaka: Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia APHM with the support of Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council MHTC had a dialogue session with...


Interviewed on the issues related to post Co-Vid 19 and preparation in treating medical tourist. Click on this for the full interview:

17 May 2017:  Healthcare Asia Forum 2017 was held at the Impiana Hotel Kuala Lumpur and one of the topics of presentation and discussion was on Digitalisation in Healthcare. I was the speaker for this topic and the discussion enumerated the advantage of using technology in healthcare with total hospital information system.

We have a 20 plus year history of paperless hospitals in Malaysia and the very first one was in Selayang which is fully owned by the government. Many private centres today  have similar systems and it has shown that the total healthcare delivery is far superior, effective and precise. The transformation into total IT system in hospitals may be difficult at the early stages but it is an effective way for the current and future generations.

Today the healthcare systems accommodates wearable devices and applications on mobile phones and this has made personal health care monitoring even more seamless. It is hoped that one day all hospitals in public and private will be able to communicate on one platform so that exchange of information can occur to render complete care to the patients who may resort to both public and private care at the same time but with all appropriate consents and protection of confidentiality.

The other sessions were on health care payments and the role of medical tourism contributing into national incomes for countries like Malaysia.





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