2 August 2017:   Today there are so many options of media from print to electronic that we can communicate with. Many of us will write on blogs, webpages and use social media to inform others on our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we share news and information on Facebook, Whats App, Twitter and Chat Groups. These are pretty informal and not regulated and furthermore it may not be credible. We must be very careful with the recent appearance of fake news that will have genuine looking portals.

The print media like the newspapers are still very relevant as they act as permanent record of news and events. We perceive as good credibility when something gets published in the newspaper [particularly if its a main news tabloid]. Newspapers today are available both in hard copies and electronically which again can be forwarded into many other social media platforms.

Information provided to the media must be clear and with no ambiguity. Speaking on medical condition requires more effort as the subject matter has to be concise and but detail enough for the man in the street to comprehend. The writer has to get the big picture of the medical subject and then write it meaningfully for the readers. In todays world very long articles are rarely read and its best to keep them brief to the point.


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