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Asia Malaysia’s private hospitals step up to fight COVID-19 as cases surge: by Channel News Asia written by Vincent Tan

by Datuk Dr Kuljit
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Picture from CNA Online

He explained this was based on factors such as hospital size and layout, which might not be conducive for dedicated housing of COVID-19 patients.

“The infrastructure and expertise, we do have it, just not on the same scale as the government, as private hospitals are built in a certain way to cater for a certain group and number of patients,” he told CNA.

Private hospitals, he said, could not “overdo” in terms of seeing or treating more COVID-19 patients due to their pre-existing infrastructure or insufficient personnel, from specialist doctors to nurses.

“Each hospital is managing COVID-19 based on their capacity and capabilities. The major ones in particular are seeing the number of patients they can manage depending on the normal and ICU beds they’ve allotted for COVID-19 patients” Dr Kuljit said.


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