A Senior Icon in Emergency and Disaster Management


3 April 2017: Prof Dr Li Zong Hao is a pionier and icon in Emergency and Disaster management in China with his early participation in International SOS. He formulated a lot of protocols in emergency and ambulance services in China. Today after his retirement he works as an advisor in International SOS and now he has helped many ASEAN countries in managing emergencies and disaster management.

Today he paid a courtesy visit at my hospital and we both had a brief chat over coffee and its interesting to see the commitment this Professor had and still has the vigour to further assist patients and hospitals. Prof Dr Li was impressed with the healthcare level in Malaysia which he says ‘world class!’.

Brief CV of Prof Dr Li Zong Hao:
The chief physician. professor. is a well-known domestic and foreign aid. recovery and disaster medical experts. Presided preparation and long-term leadership at the Beijing Emergency Medical Center.


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