Continuous Professional Development [CPD] Points Compulsory From today

I had 23 CPD points for 2017!. These points are not compulsory for 2018 APC. But from 2019 onwards I will need to have more than 20 points.


1st January 2018:  Happy New year to all members of MMA and doctors in Malaysia. We have finally reached the date that CPD in our fraternity will be compulsory by law. Its now mandatory to have a minimum  of 20 points [per year] in CPD when one applies for the Annual Practice Certificate on and after 1st January 2019.

Many wonder how we should monitor and update our points?

Its simple! Download the application on Google Play Store or Apple Store: Type in Malaysian Medical Association and then follow the steps. There will prompts for email address and creating a password.  This application has been invented very well by MMA and it has a QR Code, Cumulative CPD and records. It also helps you to look out for upcoming CPD events.

The minimum points required is 20 a year to renew APC and 100 points for 5 years if you are a specialist which should be of your speciality. Academy of Medicine will be able to assist the specialist with more details on this.

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